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Tips for Success

  • Set goals—Start with an easy goal, such as recruiting two new members, which would make you eligible for the prize drawing and earn you $5 in NCTM bucks, and then go from there...
  • Go electronic—For fast and easy outreach, send applications by e-mail or post a link to on Web sites, Twitter, or social networking pages.
  • Personalize—Add your name and member ID number to the “I was referred by an NCTM member” section on the printed applications, or provide it people you are referring electronically so that you will be eligible for the gifts and the prize drawing. 
  • Note financial support—If your institution or district reimburses all or part of the membership dues, be sure to mention this information.
  • Say good things—When distributing membership applications in person, mention the benefits of NCTM membership.
  • Show your stuff—Attach an issue of your NCTM journal or forward an e-mailed issue of Student Explorations in Mathematics with the application, if possible, to illustrate a benefit of being a member.
  • Be inclusive—Give the applications to anyone with an interest in, and commitment to, smarter mathematics teaching and learning. Teachers at all grade levels, administrators, supervisors, researchers, curriculum planners, mathematicians, preservice teachers, mathematics specialists, and college educators are just some of the people who could benefit from membership.
  • Mind the guidelines—Quickly review the member referral program rules and restrictions so that you can ensure your referrals will qualify and you know how the prizes and gifts will be distributed.
  • Follow up—Check back with people to whom you’ve given applications.
  • Have fun—it’s energizing to help others find professional rewards and to make your professional association a stronger advocate for mathematics education for all.
  • Start early (we can't say it enough!)—The program runs through June 30, 2015; the earlier you start, the more rewards you can earn. Plus, making referrals sooner gives your colleagues the chance to enjoy their membership benefits during the academic year when everyone needs a little boost.



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