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    Math of Tomorrow (MOTO) is a Response to Intervention (RtI) digital series for kindergarten through second grade. Available for most tablets and mobile devices, MOTO includes seven student books and access to problem extensions, instructional techniques, downloadable activity sheets, and effective RtI instructional strategies and tasks that connect math students who struggle with tools to get them back on track.

    The series is designed to meet and support the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. CCSSM alignment

    Collect all 7 Student Books: 

    Note: Samples are best viewed through Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or IE v10

    Here’s how it works: 

    Purchase a Book

    The MOTO experience starts with the purchase of a digital book specific to the device you’ll be using. The content and tasks are the same for all versions and uses a finger-touch response system. To purchase the books, follow the links listed below each title. 

    • Bits and Pieces: Sorting and Representing Data

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    • Clock Wise: Learning Time

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    • Everybody Counts: Learning Numbers

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    • It All Adds Up: Learning to Add and Subtract

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    • One Foot, Two Feet: Learning Measurement

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    • Shapes and Sizes: Learning Geometry

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    • What Comes Next? Making Patterns

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    iBookavailable from iBooks or the “Books” section of iTunes. Search for National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, MOTO, or the title of the book you’d like to purchase. You can download iTunes on your device at iTunes.com

    Android—available on Google Play, search for NCTM or the title of the book you’d like to purchase. You can download Google Play on your device at googleplay.com

    Kindle Fire—available from Amazon at amazon.com, search for NCTM, MOTO, or the title of the book. 

    Web-based—this HTML version is only available on a limited basis and uses the mouse to navigate and respond but the content is exactly the same as any other version. If interested in the HTML version, please contact NCTM’s Customer Care Department at 800-235-7566.

    Purchase Teacher Code

    Teacher codes can be purchased through NCTM.org/catalog. A teacher code will get you invaluable information and additional materials: 

    • RtI instructional strategies and tasks that connect math students who struggle with tools to get them back on track
    • Extensive teacher resources, such as problem extensions, high-order questions, instructional techniques, and downloadable activity sheets for the classroom
    • Teacher Notes for every page of the student book (visible only in the teacher edition - use your teacher code to unlock these in the book) to learn how to get the most out of each page and task

    Purchase Student Codes

    Student codes can be purchased through NCTM.org/catalog. Student codes are student-specific but not book-specific; once you purchase a student code that code will work in any of the 7 books. That means that you can assign one code to one student and he or she can save his or her work for every book.

    *Please Note: Non-Web payment methods, such as POs, cannot be used to purchase this item. If you have questions, please call NCTM’s Customer Care Department at 800-235-7566 or email nctm@nctm.org.