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Mathematics of Planet Earth


Dozens of scientific societies, universities, research institutes, and foundations all over the world have banded together to dedicate 2013 as a special year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth. NCTM is proud to be one of those partners.

Below are resource collections for two themes. A Planet to Discover includes topics such as: oceans, meteorology and climate, mantle processes, natural resources, solar systems and a planet to a planet organized by humans. A Planet Organized by Humans includes focuses on: political, economic, social and financial systems, organization of transport and communications networks, management of resources, and energy.

A Planet to Discover

Mission Mathematics  


Investigations: Ocean Quest 

Math by the Month: Natural Wonders 

Math by the Month: Weather or Not 

Calculating Puddle Size 

Middle School

Illuminations Lesson: Space Shuttle - Travel in the Solar System  

Illuminations Lesson: Finding our Top Speed 

Modeling the Sea Floor   

An Investigation of Solar Noon  

What If We Lived in a Flat Land? 

Cartoon Corner: The Longest Yard 

High School

Illuminations Lesson: Mars Orbit  

Paper Moon: Simulating a Total Solar Eclipse, with Professional Development Guide 

Looking to Mars for Mathematics Connections 

Cell Phones and Sun Shadows: Exploring the Equation of Time 

Poles, Parking Lots, and Mount Piton: Classroom Activities that Combine Astronomy, History, and Mathematics  

Activities for Students: Ellipses and Orbits: Asteroids and Comets 

A Planet Organized by Humans

news&views: Is math politically neutral?  

Equity, Mathematics Reform, and Research 

Math Teachers as Political Advocates  

STEM: An Advocacy Position, Not a Content Area 

The Math of Voting & The Elections 

More Voting & Election Resources 

Elementary (PreK-2)

Illuminations Lesson: Graphing Trash Material  

Illuminations: Primary Economics  

Illuminations Applet: Coin Box  

Making Sense out of Cents  

Take Care of Mother Earth: Technology and the Environment  

Elementary (3-5)

math by the month: Economic insights through problem solving   

Middle School

Illuminations Lesson: Football Finances  

Illuminations Lesson: The Cost of Being Late 

Social Justice Lessons and Mathematics  

Integrating Mathematics and Social Issues  

What are you Worth? 

Invest in Financial Literacy  

The Money Context  

How to Buy a Car 101  

High School

Illuminations Lesson: Supply and Demand 

Mathematics, Politics, and Greenhouse Gas Intensity: An Example of Using Pólya's Problem-Solving Strategy  

Algebra, Home Mortgages, and Recessions  

Poverty: Teaching Mathematics and Social Justice  

Activities for Students: A S(t)imulating Study of Map Projections: An Exploration Integrating Mathematics and Social Studies  

The Back Page: Financing a College Education  

The Essential Fairness of a Mortgage Loan: Developing Financial Literacy 




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