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Call for Manuscripts: Mathematics Teacher


2015 Focus Issue: Creating Classroom Communities
NCTM guides mathematics teachers toward equitable teaching by emphasizing the importance of classroom communities.  The MT Editorial Panel invites teachers, teacher educators, and education researchers to share their experiences in building classroom communities.  We encourage submissions that will help MT readers learn new ways to capitalize on the strengths that cultural, racial, and linguistic diversity bring to our classrooms and schools.

Great Problems
Great problems are mathematical tasks that engage students, promote sense making, provide opportunities for student inquiry, and generate rich discussions. Share your great problems with MT readers. 

Open the Door and Keep it Open
This call replaces and updates a prior call for manuscripts on teaching entry level classes. The Editorial Panel seeks manuscripts that will assist teachers who work with algebra and geometry students or students who are in a first or second year integrated curriculum. 

Mathematizing the World: An Invitation to Modeling
The Mathematics Teacher Editorial Panel seeks manuscripts that will help teachers incorporate more modeling in their classrooms. The increased emphasis on modeling in the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics has made this call particularly timely. 

On the Front Burner: Emerging Issues in Mathematics Education
This is an exciting time to be a mathematics educator. The recent global scrutiny of mathematics education, forthcoming curricular changes, and evolving technological innovations generate controversial issues. Mathematics Teacher welcomes manuscripts that “stir the pot” on provocative current issues in mathematics education.

Reasoning and Sense Making
Manuscripts that describe means towards generating a culture of reasoning and sense making in the classroom will be welcomed by the Editorial Panel. This is an open call.

It influences teaching, learning, relationships, and recruitment and retention of teachers. Let us know how you use, judge and view assessment.



Problem of the Month
Students can solve a fun, nonroutine problem (now found in the Calendar), and teachers can send in their solutions to be published.

Media Clips
The news is full of assertions and conclusions that students can explore and test. Using a news item that has grabbed your attention, develop a few questions that help students see the mathematics behind the story.

Technology Tips
Do you have a great use of technology in your classroom? Send us a manuscript with the step-by-step directions needed for using the technology with students. What are the potential pitfalls? How does the technology help students understand mathematics better?

The Back Page: My Favorite Lesson
Teach us a Lesson! You are invited to create an informal, personal narrative of no more than 600 words to describe your favorite lesson.

Mark Your Calendar
Contribute to the centerpiece of MT!

Guidelines for All Departments
We are looking for great ideas in small packages. See where your ideas fit.

All calls are open unless otherwise noted.

General Submission Information


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