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Call for Manuscripts: Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School


In addition to active calls for manuscripts on particular topics, as listed below, the Editorial Panel of MTMS is interested in publishing articles the full range of topics in middle school mathematics education.

2016 Focus Issue: Probability & Statistics
This call for manuscripts invites articles that address how to approach probability and statistics in the middle school classroom. Of particular interest is manuscripts that include classroom-tested activities for grades 5-9 that are supported by examples of student work. 

Mathematics Teaching Practices in Action
Manuscripts submitted to this call should provide supporting evidence of the “specialized expertise and professional knowledge,” as exhibited by the eight Mathematics Teaching Practices found in NCTM’s Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All.  

Technology in the Math Classroom
Readers are invited to submit manuscripts addressing the use of technology in the mathematics classroom. We especially invite responses from middle school classroom teachers who detail their experiences. Given the rapid change in the power and nature of available technology, not to mention the ways that students may embrace technologies differently from teachers, the MTMS Editorial Panel seeks manuscripts that address this ongoing challenge.

Effective discourse happens when students articulate their own ideas and seriously consider their peers’ mathematical perspectives as a way to construct mathematical understandings. Manuscripts submitted in response to this call should  discuss mathematical communication that occurs in a classroom

All calls are open unless otherwise noted.


Informing Practice
This department relates lessons learned from research to classroom practice for teachers.

Mathematical Explorations
Provides lessons with activity sheets that teachers can use directly in the classroom.

Ongoing Department Calls
There is a place in MTMS for your ideas. If your idea doesn't warrant a 2500 word manuscript, your work will fit here.  

General Submission Information



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