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Selected Resources on NAEP

2003 Mathematics AssessmentResults and Interpretation of the 2003 Math Assessment of the NAEP

This book provides a background on NAEP, looks at 2003 mathematics achievement in different content areas, discusses data on who is teaching mathematics in the United States, and examines students' perception of mathematics. More info 

1990-2000 Mathematics AssessmentsResults and Interpretations of the 1990 through 2000 Mathematics Assessment of the National Assessment of Educational Progress

This monograph reports and interprets trends in NAEP mathematics data collected between 1990 and 2000. More info 

Learning from NAEPLearning from NAEP: Professional Development Materials for Teachers of Mathematics

This book is a valuable manual-plus-CD resource containing activities and workshops that facilitators can use as is or tailor to the unique needs of participants in their school’s or district’s professional development program. More info 

CoverA Closer Look at Gender in NAEP Mathematics Achievement and Affect Data: Intersections with Achievement, Race/Ethnicity, and Socioeconomic Status 

This article from the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education describes gender gaps in mathematics achievement and attitude as measured by the 1990–2003 NAEP. More info 

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