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Advocacy Positions

Curriculum Focal Points
A grade-by-grade identification of the most important mathematics topics for pre-K through grade 8. These represent the next steps in implementing Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. 

Principles and Standards for School Mathematics
Recommendations about what students should learn, what classroom practice should be like, and what guidelines can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of mathematics programs.

Position Statements
NCTM positions on math education issues and suggested courses of action. (PDF)

Legislative Platform 
NCTM’s views on equity, teacher quality, research, assessment, technology, and teacher shortage and retention. (PDF)

NCTM at a Glance
Publications and resources, professional development, grants and awards, legislative and policy leadership. (PDF)

Key Messages
NCTM’s mission, goals, and outlook on math education. (PDF)

Letters and Testimony
NCTM's communications with Congress and other entities.


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