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NCTM has chosen political advocacy for mathematics education as a key strategic direction for the future, and your help is critical to our success. To be effective and to have the kind of impact we want at the national, state, and local levels, we will be relying on the actions of individual advocates. With your help, the Council can play an important role in the public policy process and affect education decisions made at the federal, state, and provincial levels. We can demonstrate the strength in numbers that a membership of 100,000 gives us and can lend teachers an influential voice that will be listened to by policymakers at all levels.

NCTM's Advocacy Toolkit was developed and assembled to provide you with the basic tools to act on behalf of teachers on issues that affect you, your students, our schools, and mathematics education. The Toolkit includes an NCTM Communications Guide to help you get started. The Guide offers tips on interacting with legislators and legislative staff. A Congressional Directory and fliers on important NCTM initiatives are also included.

To request a free Toolkit, visit theĀ NCTM Catalog.

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