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Assessment Issues March 2006

Written by Wendy B. Sanchez and Nicole F. Ice, Kennesaw State University (News Bulletin, March 2006)

NCTM’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in St. Louis, April 26–29, will inlcude hundreds of sessions related to assessment. A few are listed below. Please check the program at the conference for times and locations.

  • Connecting the Standards, Open-ended Assessments, and Students’ Achievement (Session # 185, grades 6–8)

  • Authentic Assessment: Why We Need It More than Ever
    (Session #215, general interest)

  • Get It All In! Balancing Assessed Needs with Mandated Curriculum
    (Session #220, grades pre-K–5)

  • Using Games in Classroom Assessment
    (Session #336.1, grades 3–5)

  • Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment-Technology: How Does It All Fit Together? (Workshop #367, grades 9–12)

  • Drop the Chalk: Greater Assessment and Students’ Improved Understanding (Gallery Workshop #487, grades 9–12)

  • Assessing for Conceptual (W)Holes to Build Computational Proficiency (Session #583, grades 3–5)

  • Authentic Assessment in Mathematics Methods Courses for Preservice Teachers (Session #618, teachers of teachers)

  • Hands-On Assessment for the At-Risk Student
    (Workshop #735, grades pre-K–2)

  • Integrating Instruction and Assessment with Hands-on Experiments (Workshop #753, grades 6–8)

  • Assessment Is Much More than Testing
    (Session #811, general interest)

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