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Assessment Issues March 2005

Written by Wendy B. Sanchez and Nicole F. Ice
(News Bulletin, March 2005)

The NCTM 2005 Annual Meeting and Exposition will be in Anaheim, April 6–9. There will be numerous opportunities to learn about assessment at that time. Check your program at the conference for times, locations, and any changes in the listings below.

  • Good Questions and Tasks for Math Teaching
    (Session #12, Regular Session, grades 3–5)

  • Assess Algebraic Understanding: Problem Solving and a Solution Guide
    (Session #278, Workshop, grades 6–12)

  • Does Context Matter? What Can We Learn from NAEP Items? (Session #294, Reflecting on Practice, Research, grades 9–12)

  • A Preview of the Newly Released NCTM Assessment Sampler for Each Grade Band
    (Session #386, Regular Session, General Interest)

  • Motivating Students’ Improved Performance through Authentic Assessment!
    (Session #445, Minicourse, grades 6–12)

  • Language-Minority Students and Algebraic Thinking: Assessment for Learning
    (Session #484, Hands-On Computer Workshop, grades 6–8)

  • Promoting Students’ Thinking and Reasoning through Mathematics Journals
    (Session #598, Regular Session, grades pre-K–5)

  • PISA 2003: An Examination of the Assessment and Results
    (Session #715, Research Insights Session)

  • A Preview of NCTM’s Assessment Sampler, Grades 6–8
    (Session #730, Regular Session, grades 6–8)

  • The Influence of the Use of Technology in Standards and Assessment
    (Session #990, Major Session, grades 9–12)

  • Mathematics Assessment Sampler for Grades 9–12
    (Session #1038, Regular Session, grades 9–12)


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