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Selected Articles from the NCTM News Bulletin


July/August 2009 
On June 2, NCTM released “Guiding Principles for Mathematics Curriculum and Assessment” to lend support to current and future efforts to develop prekindergarten through grade 12 mathematics curricula and corresponding assessments. In September, NCTM will release Focus in High School Mathematics: Reasoning and Sense Making.

May/June 2009 
NCTM Executive Director Jim Rubillo last year announced that he would retire at the end of July 2009 after eight years in the position. He has overseen significant increases in the Council’s advocacy and influence, as well as continuing expansion of online content for members.

April 2009 
NCTM is pleased to announce that the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) will present Evan M. Maletsky and Edward A. Silver with Lifetime Achievement Awards for Distinguished Service to Mathematics Education.

March 2009
The logo isn’t the only thing that’s new at NCTM’s Illuminations Web site. Recent improvements also include revised applets and new lessons. 

J. Michael Shaughnessy is NCTM’s next president-elect. Shaughnessy is currently a professor at Portland State University. In addition, he has taught at Oregon State University and has had visiting professorships in Spain, Australia, and New Zealand. 


Three NCTM working groups attended a Washington conference in October to develop action plans in response to the National Math Panel’s report, "Foundations for Success."

In identical letters to Senators Obama and McCain, NCTM called on both presidential hopefuls to address education more prominently in their discussions throughout the presidential campaign. NCTM outlined some of its priorities for mathe-matics education, teachers, and research.

A diverse group of nearly 60 mathematics educators and researchers gathered in Baltimore, August 4–8, to discuss priorities for mathematics education research based on the needs of practitioners.

NCTM’s Mathematics Education Trust (MET) is pleased to announce that two NCTM student members—Amanda M. Chui, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, Calif., and Marlee DeLuca, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Penn.—will receive 2008–09 Prospective Secondary Teacher Course Work Scholarships.

Testifying before the House Education and Labor Committee, NCTM Past President Francis (Skip) Fennell stated that "Mathematics is important for every student in every classroom in this country, regardless of grade level, gender, race, or ethnicity.

The National Mathematics Advisory Panel, which over the past two years focused national attention on mathematics education in the United States, released its final report, Foundations for Success, at Longfellow Middle School in a Washington, D.C., suburb on March 13.

NCTM is pleased to announce that the Mathematics Education Trust (MET) will present Frank Lester, Jr. and Robert Reys with Lifetime Achievement Awards for Distinguished Service to Mathematics Education.

Join NCTM at its 2008 Annual Meeting and Exposition in Salt Lake City. Arrive early and attend free sessions at the Research Presession on Wednesday, April 9!

Get ready to celebrate Pi Day!

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