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Head Tech

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BlogarithmEvery day it seems like K–12 students have more powerful tech tools at their disposal. But what are they to do with these tools? And when is it appropriate for them to use these tools? Read the latest MTMS blog of Blogarithm: Standards of Mathematical Practice in the Middle Grades.

Blogs Come to NCTM Journals

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journalblogsNCTM is excited to announce the launch of blogs for each of our school journals: Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and Mathematics Teacher. Discover new ideas for the classroom, explore ways to address the Common Core, and learn how math educators are connecting with other teachers. Let's strengthen our community—enter the NCTM blogosphere now!

Referee for NCTM

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Journals_RefereeNCTM journals depend on the volunteer efforts of our members. You can help by refereeing manuscripts. A referee writes reviews for manuscripts submitted for publication. After receiving a manuscript, referees have approximately three weeks to return an electronic evaluation. Your efforts will not only help journals but also contribute to your professional development. If you would like to become a referee, you can find information for Mathematics Teacher, for Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, and for Teaching Children Mathematics online.
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