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New Editors Will Tackle Assessment Issues in Next Issue

(News Bulletin, May/June 2004)

The Assessment Issues column has new editors, Wendy Sanchez and Nicole "Nickey" Ice. Both of us are faculty members at Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. We both have doctorates in mathematics education from the University of Georgia and have teaching and supervision experience at the elementary, middle school, secondary, and university levels. We also have experience researching and working with teachers to improve their assessment practices.

We extend our great appreciation to Carol Fry Bohlin, who has done an excellent job of fulfilling the purpose of this column, which is to inform members and teachers about developments and issues in assessment. Over the last year, the column has addressed the No Child Left Behind legislation, NAEP results, high school exit exams, the New Standards Project, and other important topics. We intend to continue the important work of informing the NCTM membership about large-scale assessment issues, and we hope to offer practical suggestions for classroom assessment. Thus, in this column, we aim to address a broad spectrum of assessment issues, from the day-to-day happenings in the mathematics classroom to national policy and international trends. We invite membership participation to guide the direction of the column. Please e-mail Nickey Ice at with your questions about assessment or ideas for the column.

Look forward to future columns, which will focus on where the presidential candidates stand with respect to high-stakes assessment, incorporating questions into your daily routine to help focus your instruction on higher-order thinking skills, advice and reflections from teachers who are attempting to change their classroom assessment practices, grading issues, and other relevant assessment issues. Assessment has always been an important topic for teachers, but with the current emphasis on accountability across the nation, it is more timely than ever. Conversations about assessment are essential in our field. We need to continue to be informed about the laws, standards, and expectations that affect our professional practice, and we need to determine the best ways to prepare our students to meet and exceed those expectations. We look forward to hearing your ideas and relaying important information about assessment to you.

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