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Summing Up: June 3, 2014

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Children playing with Base-Ten BlocksBuild a Number Problem  
“In a lot of school districts in my region, there is an emphasis on building proportional reasoning even before it is formally introduced in the curriculum,” says Marian Small in the latest post on Math Tasks to Talk About, the Teaching Children Mathematics blog. “A problem I used recently is the one I’ve proposed here,” writes Small. “You would provide students with base-ten blocks, including hundred flats, ten rods, and unit blocks; or students could use virtual base-ten blocks.”

Research Briefs and Clips 
Are you looking for research-based ideas that will support your classroom instruction? Get teaching practices from NCTM’s Research Briefs and Clips—a collection of expert-written material that synthesizes research on classroom practice. Topics such as algebraic thinking in arithmeticproblem solving, and ratio and proportion in the middle grades are highlighted. 

Oktas RescueApps for your Mobile Devices 
Check out free Illuminations mobile apps that include interactives compatible with a tablet for your students over the summer! And remember to bookmark the page, since we’re always adding more!

Dividers_SU_Other News 

White House Science Fair  
President Obama hosted the 2014 White House Science Fair last week and celebrated the student winners of a broad range of STEM competitions from across the country. This year’s fair focused specifically on girls and women who are excelling in STEM and inspiring the next generation with their work. Meet the exhibitors!

STEM Education in Schools 
James Brown, STEM Education Coalition executive director, talked to C-SPAN on May 28 about the Obama administration’s push for STEM education, including a newly announced $35 million grant to train more math and science teachers.

Condition of Education 2014  
The Condition of Education 2014 uses the latest available data to summarize important developments and trends in education. The report presents 42 indicators on the status and condition of education. The indicators represent a consensus of professional judgment on the most significant national measures of the condition and progress of education for which accurate data are available.

NPR Report Suggests That Students Embrace the Common Core
An NPR report begins, “The Common Core State Standards have roiled state legislatures across the country and frustrated some parents. But what do kids think of them?” NPR News visited a school in California's Bay Area and discovered that some students embrace the standards.

The Great Society, 50 Years Later  
Fifty years ago today, President Lyndon Johnson gave a commencement speech that changed the relationship between our country and its people. In that speech, he offered a vision of a “Great Society,” and in few places has the mark of his vision remained stronger than in education. Secretary Arne Duncan has posted a reflection on the 50th anniversary of LBJ's Great Society speech. Johnson’s words rang true five decades ago, and they ring true today.


Putting Essential Understanding of Functions into Practice  
What tasks can you offer—what questions can you ask—to determine what your students know or don’t know—and move them forward in their thinking? Putting Essential Understanding of Functions into Practice in Grades 9–12 focuses on the specialized pedagogical content knowledge that you need to teach functions effectively in grades 9–12. The Putting Essential Understanding into Practice Series moves NCTM’s Essential Understanding Series into the classroom. Members can save 25 percent on this and all NCTM publications by using the code SPRING14. You have essential understanding. It’s time to put it into practice!

Special Products Emphasize a Love of Math 
NCTM has a variety of special products for mathematics teachers and anyone with an appreciation for all things mathematical. Products range from our best-selling “I Love Math” pencils and erasers to “Do Math and You Can Do Anything” totebags, lunch totes, window clings, calculators, pens, and mechanical pencils. Members can save 25 percent on all special products for a limited time by using the code SPECIAL25. Offer expires June 30.


Extended: Early-Bird Rates for San Diego Institutes  
There’s still time to take advantage of early-bird rates for NCTM’s 2014 Common Core Institutes. NCTM institutes are research-based, targeted learning opportunities on critical topics. The San Diego summer institutes are focused on algebra and number and operations. Whether you are an experienced classroom teacher or just beginning your career, NCTM institutes will provide the instructional strategies and high-quality professional development you need to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards in the classroom. Register for NCTM’s San Diego Institutes by June 6 to save $40.


Online Access to School Journal Subscription 
Don’t forget, as an NCTM individual member, you have online access to your school journal subscription. Whether you subscribe to Teaching Children Mathematics, Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, or Mathematics Teacher, you can check out your journal on our website in the full-color, page-turning digital software that gives you easy access to your mathematics journal anywhere…anytime! Log in to check it out now!


President Barack Obama began a tradition of hosting White House Science Fairs in 2009 when he launched his Educate to Innovate campaign to inspire more girls and boys to excel in STEM subjects. The president has said more than once that achievements in STEM subjects deserve the same recognition accorded to achievements in sports.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Business Roundtable, and the Bipartisan Policy Center hosted an event, “Confronting the Myths: The Truth about the Common Core.” Participants discussed the reasons that they supported the Common Core State Standards during their tenure and why they continue to advocate for high standards for students in every state.


PAESMEM Seeks Nominations
The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring (PAESMEM) program seeks to identify outstanding mentoring efforts that enhance the participation and retention of individuals who might not otherwise have considered or had access to opportunities in STEM. PAESMEM is the highest national mentoring award, and recipients serve as leaders in the national effort to fully develop our human resources in STEM. The White House established the award in 1996 through the National Science and Technology Council and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, and the National Science Foundation administers it on behalf of the White House. Nominations due October 3.

12th International Mathematics Education Conference
The 12th International Conference of the Mathematics Education into the 21st Century Project will be held this year September 21–26 in Montenegro. More than 160 people have registered for the conference, which promises to be a very successful and productive meeting. View the first announcement and call for papers, with complete details of the conference and a registration form, as well as background on our project and conferences. Next year’s conference will be in Catania, Sicily, Italy.

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