• 2016 Summer Institutes Combined

    Engage in Deep Learning with NCTM Interactive Institutes 

    NCTM's Interactive Institutes offer two and a half days of face-to-face, in-depth professional development provided by experts in mathematics education. 

    Benefit from everything NCTM Institutes offer, including:

    • Instruction aligned to college- and career-ready standards
    • Effective teaching strategies through the new Principles to Actions publication
    • Practical classroom strategies to promote student success 

    Upcoming 2016 Institutes

    July 11-13
    Engaging Students in Learning: Mathematical Practices (Grades K-8)

    Ensure your students develop mathematically proficient habits of mind when you learn new instructional strategies in number and operations, fraction/rational number, ratio and proportional reasoning, and statistics and probability.

    July 14-16

    Engaging Students in Learning: Mathematical Practices (High School)

    Explore new methods for improving instructional practices by better incorporating the eight effective teaching practices from Principles to Actions as well as various college- and career-read standards to high school mathematics topics that include Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 2.

    July 18-20
    Algebra Readiness Institute (6-8)

    Gain new strategies to support students’ future success in algebra at this interactive event that will investigate the growth of algebraic thinking across grades.

    July 21-23
    Number and Operations Institute (Pk-5)

    Dive deep into the important topic of developing a sense of number and learn new methods and activities to foster a strong sense of number for all students in the early grades.