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Focus of the Year

Through the Focus of the Year, NCTM supports professional development by offering educators an effective way to become more knowledgeable about important ideas related to key themes from Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The list of themes on this page provides access to collections of resources available for professional development on each topic.

2013-2014 Theme

Number and Operations: Be Radical and Get Real! 

Why Number and Operations? 

The intent of NCTM’s yearlong focus on Number and Operations is to help teachers, school leaders, and teacher educators expand their view of the foundational role of number and the importance developing all students’ understanding of and ability to use number. This focus supports effective mathematics teaching, enhances mathematics learning, and helps students navigate a world where an understanding of... more >>  


learn Learn learn-reflect arrow Reflect Strands

NCTM Regional Conferences and Expositions, as well as the Annual Meeting and Exposition, feature Focus of the Year Learn learn-reflect arrow Reflect Strands that allow participants to dedicate a full day to the Focus of the Year theme.

All conference attendees are invited to participate in these professional development programs, noted in conference program books by the symbol 15. A strand begins with a Kickoff session, continues with sessions for each grade band, and culminates with a Reflection session, allowing participants to participate in a facilitated discussion based on a set of reflection questions distributed at the Kickoff.

Space is limited, and attendees are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. A complete listing of the Learn learn-reflect arrow Reflect sessions is included in the conference program books. Participants who attend the Kickoff session, at least one Learn learn-reflect arrow Reflect session during the day, and the Reflection session will be eligible for a personalized certificate of participation.


Number and Operations

Reasoning and Proof

Technology & Mathematics 




Data Analysis & Probability 

Learning Through Representation

Assessing to Learn
and Learning to Assess

Developing Algebraic Thinking 


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