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High School Resources: Equity

Specific Topics in Equity

Gender                Culturally Relevant Teaching              Special Needs Students

Goals for Achieving Diversity in Mathematics Classrooms
The author discusses building a framework for making mathematics truly accessible and inviting to a broad range of students.
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General Classroom Strategies

  • Teaching Strategies for "Algebra for All"
    This article shares broad classroom strategies for enhancing academic achievement for all students, including a discussion of the nature and scope of each strategy.
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  • Teacher-Orchestrated Classroom Arguments
    The author elaborates a vision of classroom discourse that actively involves students and that uses students' explanations to develop mathematical ideas. The vision expects that students participate in classroom arguments with strong teacher guidance.
  • Focusing on Students' Mathematical Thinking
    This article highlights the importance of focusing on student mathematical thinking during classroom discussions, and provides practical suggestions to classroom teachers to help keep the focus on student thinking.
  • Promoting Equity in Math: One Teacher's Journey
    This article examines some of the negative impacts of mathematics tracking in schools and advocates for a heterogeneous learning environment.
  • Addressing the Equity Principle in the Math Classroom
    This article contains summaries of secondary math teachers' conception of equity after completing a yearlong seminar based on NCTM's Equity Principle. Suggestions are provided for achieving a more equitable math classroom. 
  • Spotlight on the Principles: The Pursuit of Math for All
    The Equity Principle is explored through the thoughts of a middle school teacher as she works with a student through a class project.
  • Promoting Math Accessibility through Multiple Representation Jigsaw
    Article describes how to use the jigsaw grouping technique, a pedagogical approach designed around small group work, as a strategy to promote accessibility to mathematics for more students. Includes two lessons built for jigsaw groups, along with student work examples.


Research Studies

  • Equity in School Math Education: How Can Research Contribute?
    The NCTM's Research Committee has prepared this article as a means to raise the awareness about equity and issues surrounding equity from a research perspective as well as to support the NCTM's commitment to the Equity Principle. The committee discusses the concept of equity from three perspectives: as a subject of research, as a "critical lens" with which to examine research, and as a cross-disciplinary theme. Equity issues offer a unique opportunity to unite research and practice within mathematics education and across other disciplines.




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