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Program and Presentations

Mathematical Practices & Process Standards--Register 

Program & Presentations

You’ll dedicate 2½ days of professional development to the Common Core mathematical practices and NCTM Process Standards, and walk away with practical strategies to prepare your students for success.

Program Overview

Focus on Your Grade 

Who Should Attend 

What You'll Accomplish  

Schedule Overview 

General Information 

Keynote Sessions 

Breakout Workshops 

Focus on Your Grade—Pick a Strand

The experience will be suited to your interests—you’ll take part in sessions and be grouped with educators according to the grade level you select for your strand of focus. Each strand will experience a progression of activities to address mathematics content related to the Common Core mathematical practices and NCTM Process Standards.


  • Algebra 1/Integrated Year 1
  • Algebra 2/Integrated Year 3
  • Geometry/Integrated Year 2

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Who Should Attend

  • High school mathematics teachers
  • Math coaches and teacher leaders
  • High school supervisors
  • Teacher educators
  • Preservice teachers
  • College mathematics teachers

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What You'll Accomplish—The Institute's Defined Outcomes

Activities are designed for you and your peers to achieve defined outcomes together. Participants will—

  • understand that the mathematical practices in CCSSM and the mathematical processes in NCTM’s Process Standards are integral to teaching;
  • learn instructional strategies that enable students to experience and to develop the habits of mind of a mathematically proficient student;
  • examine mathematical content through the lens of the CCSSM mathematical practices, the NCTM Process Standards, and the teaching and learning standards from Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All; and
  • engage in activities related to task selection, development, and implementation, both during and after the Institute.

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Keynote Sessions

Well-known mathematics leaders will address teaching, learning, and assessment related to the mathematical practices in CCSSM and NCTM’s Process Standards. 

Here are just a few of the exceptional speakers presenting at the institute.

Peg Smith Speaks at NCTM Institute in Chicago  Opening Session
Task, Tools, and Talk: A Framework for Enacting Mathematical Practices

Margaret (Peg) Smith, University of Pittsburgh

In Principles to Actions: Ensuring Mathematical Success for All (2014), NCTM identifies eight research-inspired teaching practices that represent its accumulated wisdom regarding what constitutes effective teaching. This session will focus on describing these eight practices, discussing how they support students’ learning of mathematical content and processes, and then engage participants in analyzing instructional episodes in which the practices are embedded.
Cathy Seeley Speaker at NCTM Summer Institute in Chicago Closing Session
Reflecting on Student Engagement

Cathy Seeley, Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin (retired)

We will look back over the experiences of this institute and consider the opportunities and challenges for the coming year in helping students develop the mathematical habits of mind described in the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and NCTM’s Process Standards.How can each educator transform the classroom to become an ever-richer environment for students to become powerful mathematical thinkers?
Diane Briars Speaks at NCTM Institue in Chicago July 31   From Knowing to Doing: Ensuring All Students
Possess Essential 21st Century Competencies

Diane Briars, President-Elect,
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

Dylan Wiliam
Classroom Formative Assessment:
Engaging Learners and Responding to Their Needs

Dylan Wiliam,
Institute of Education, University of London
Putting the Why into the What for Struggling Learners
Barbara J. Dougherty,
University of Missouri–Columbia
 W. Gary Martin  Building Successful High School Mathematics
Programs that Support the Mathematical Practices

W. Gary Martin,
Auburn University, AL
Timothy Kanold Speaker at NCTM Institute in Chicago July 31  Beyond The Common Core: The High Achieving
Actions of PLC’s!

Timothy Kanold,
The Center for Mathematics Teaching and Learning 


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Breakout Workshops

Information on workshops and program presentations will be available soon. 

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