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November 2014The Algebra of Patterns [Teacher Version]
September 2014It's A Hit! The Mathematics in Baseball [Teacher Edition]
May 2014Black and White and Math All Over [Teacher Version]
March 2014Out of the Park! Exploring the Mean in Sports [Teacher Edition]
January 2014Constructing Pythagoras [Teacher Edition]
November 2013Demystifying Multiplication [Teacher Edition]- FREE PREVIEW!
September 2013Build It, and They Will Come! Experiences in 3-D [Teacher Edition]
May 2013Are We There Yet? A Journey through Our Solar System [Teacher Edition]
March 2013Divide Like an Egyptian [Teacher Version]
January 2013NBA Salaries: A Statistical Dunk [Teacher Edition]
November 2012What's on Your Plate? [Teacher Edition]- FREE PREVIEW!
September 2012Elections: Picking a Winner! [Teacher Edition]
May 2012Modular Arithmetic [Teacher Version]
March 2012Do You Want To Be a Millionaire? [Teacher Version]
January 2012What Shapes Do You See? [Teacher Version]
November 2011Managing My Music [Teacher Version]
September 2011Think Globally (and Locally), Act Locally (and Globally) [Teacher Version] Part 2
May 2011Think Globally (and Locally), Act Locally (and Globally) [Teacher Version] Part 1
March 2011The History of the Marathon [Teacher Version]
January 2011Patterns in Pascal's Triangle [Teacher Version]
November 2010Oil Spill [Teacher Version]
September 2010Ridin' out the Storm [Teacher Version]
May 2010Making a Splash [Teacher Version]
March 2010Millions... Billions... Trillions [Teacher Version]
January 2010Let It Snow [Teacher Version]
November 2009A Powerful Little Number
September 2009How Does Your Pattern Grow?
May 2009Big Apple or Bust!
March 2009Egyptian Fractions
January 2009Counting the Ways
November 2008The Marvels of Multiplication
September 2008The Union Divided: A Mathematical Look at the U.S. Civil War
May 2008Whale of a Time
March 2008Was Pythagoras Really a Square?
January 2008Be a MatheMagician
November 2007Do You See What I See?
September 2007Checking Out Checkerboards
May 2007Representing Possibilities
March 2007Explorations with a Paper Circle- FREE PREVIEW!
January 2007A Look Back
November 2006House Proportions
September 2006Listen to This!
May 2006Lunch, Anyone?
March 2006Over the Long Run
February 2006The 2006 Winter Olympic Games
November 2005Area Problems? PICK a Way to Solve Them
September 2005A Month of Math!
May 2005Counting Change
March 2005Creating Flag Art - One Piece at a Time
February 2005Hey, Taxi!
November 2004Turning Your World Upside Down
September 2004Are You Sure about That?
May 2004Calendar Patterns
March 2004Pilot Training
January 2004Crystal Clear
November 2003Other Ways to Count
September 2003Mountain-Goat Hopscotch
May 2003Need a Vacation?
March 2003Is Two Big Enough?
January 20035, 6 Pick up Sticks, ...
November 2002Mapping Math
September 2002Packing the Packages
May 2002Do It Again Sam
March 2002T-Time
January 2002Origami: It's Not Just For Squares
November 2001Are You Interested in Stretching Your Dollars?
September 2001American Indian Tipis
May 2001A Sweet Dilemma
March 2001Let's Go Home
January 2001Tetralope
November 2000Let's Be Discrete
September 2000Special Delivery
May 2000Census 2000 and Sampling
March 2000To Tri or Not to Tri
January 2000New Millennium?
November 1999Squares on the Geoboard
September 1999Goin' Fishin'
May 1999Platonically Speaking
March 1999Branching Out!
January 1999Pulling a Leg
November 1998Can You Tile It?
September 1998Say What?
May 1998Networks and the Game of Sprouts

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