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Teacher Variables That Relate to Student Achievement When Using a Standards-Based Curriculum

Harold L. Shoen, Kristen J. Cebulla, Kelly F. Finn, Cos Fi 

May 2003, Volume 34, Issue 3, Page 228

We report results from a study of instructional practices that relate to student achievement  in high school classrooms in which a standards-based curriculum (Core-Plus) was used. We used regression techniques to identify teachers' background characteristics, behaviors, and concerns that are associated with growth in student achievement  and further described these associations via graphical representations and logical analysis. The sample consisted of 40 teachers and their 1,466 students in 26  schools. Findings support the importance of professional development specifically aimed at preparing to teach the curriculum. Generally, teaching behaviors that are consistent with the standards' recommendations and that reflect high mathematical  expectations were positively related to growth in student achievement.

Action Research
Grades 9-12
Math Coordinator / Coach
Numbers and Operations
Professional Development / Teacher Education