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Mathematical Lens
Mathematical Lens: Beer stein, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ron Lancaster, Jim Sandefur 

January 2006, Volume 99, Issue 5, Page 355

This issue’s photograph is of a beer stein statue in Vietnam and target questions focus on mathematical topics that include estimation of geometrical measurements and ratios and proportions. Mathematical Lens uses photographs as a springboard for mathematical inquiry. The goal of this department is to encourage readers to see patterns and relationships that they can think about and extend in a mathematically playful way. Mathematical Lens is a regular department of Mathematics Teacher. Students are asked to analyze a photo of a beer stein, computing volumes and areas based on the photo.

Grades 9-12
Math Coordinator / Coach
Problem Solving / Problem Posing
Perimeter / Circumference
Reasoning and Proof
Surface Area
Ratios / Proportions