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For Your Information: September 2006


September 2006, Volume 100, Issue 2, Page 157

"The Definitive Guide to How Computers Do Math: Featuring the Virtual DIY Calculator," "From Calculus to Computers: Using the Last 200 Years of Mathematics History in the Classroom," "The Handy math Answer Book," "Innovative Approaches to Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Beyond Calculus," "It's About Time: Understanding Einstein's Relativity," "Mathematical Apocrypha Redux: More Stories and Anecdots of Mathematicians and the Mathematical," "Negative Math: How Mathematical Rules Can Be Positively Bent," and "New Mexico Mathematics Contest Problem Book" are reviewed in this month’s issue of Mathematics Teacher. These texts cover the diverse topics of computers, this history of mathematics, answers to mathematical questions, teaching methodologies for undergraduate courses, the theory of relativity, stories of mathematicians, the history of negative numbers, and problem solving. For Your Information is a regular department of the journal that aims to review books, media, and other products.

Teacher Education
Grades 9-12
Math Coordinator / Coach
Problem Solving / Problem Posing
Professional Development / Teacher Education