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FROM THE 2000s: Facing Facts: Achieving Balance in High School Mathematics

Lynn Steen 

December 2006, Volume 100, Issue 5, Page 86

This article from 2005 presents comprehensive analysis of the state of mathematics education since launching of soviet Sputnik till now concluding that despite extraordinary efforts today's typical 17-year-old knows no more mathematics than his or her grandparents at the same age. After the analysis of the problem author proposes two recommendations balancing interests of different stakeholders. He concludes that due to the extraordinary recent expansion of mathematical applications a new strategy may be used. He believes that the unique power of mathematics that the current curriculum provides for a minority of calculus-bound students, such as  reasoning, abstraction, generalization, can extended to a substantial majority of students through a more diverse curriculum designed to offer breadth, balance, utility, and coherence.

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