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Teacher to Teacher
Teacher to Teacher: Playing around with Mono-pi-ly

Cindy Kroon 

February 2006, Volume 11, Issue 6, Page 294


Teacher to Teacher is a department written by teachers for other teachers. This department features implications for improving instruction aimed at ideas teachers can use in their own classrooms, schools, and communities.

Teacher to Teacher is a regular department of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. This article describes the game of "mono-pi-ly" for two to five players. It was created as a part of a Pi Day activity for use with a mixed-level geometry class. Students review and practice circle vocabulary, and area and circumference calculations by playing the fame. Playing time is approximately forty to fifty minutes. Includes ready-to-print game pieces and samples of student work.

Grades 6-8
Games / Puzzles
Skill and Fluency
Perimeter / Circumference
Student Work