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Take Time for Action
Take Time for Action: Similar Shapes and Ratios

Janet Frost, Michael Dornoo 

November 2006, Volume 12, Issue 4, Page 222


 A lesson that uses a problem-solving approach to explore similar figures and uses ratios to compare them. Students create squares on a geoboard, and multiply the side lengths by various values, before comparing the areas, perimeters, and angle measurements. Teachers are invited to "take time for action" and investigate students' thinking on this task.

Take Time for Action promotes the idea of ‘Action Research’ by teachers in their middle level classrooms and to disseminate ideas appropriate for middle level students used by teacher educators with pre-service teachers. Submissions by classroom teachers include representative problems, activities, or tasks used in their studies and to reflect on the student thinking, problem solving strategies, mathematics pedagogy, etc. that those tasks elicit. Take Time for Action is a regular department of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. Includes samples of student work.

Grades 6-8
Student Work
Similarity / Congruence
Ratios / Proportions