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Quick Reads
Short Takes: Another Good Idea: Computing Quartiles: It's All in the Cards!

Angela Barlow 

February 2007, Volume 12, Issue 6, Page 316


An activity using a deck of playing cards to represent the quartiles of a data set. Through this representation, students develop not only a procedure for identifying quartiles but also an understanding of what quartiles represent. It is noted that the activity works especially well to help students with special needs develop skill and understanding. Quick Reads focuses on providing the reader with activities or ideas for the middle school classroom that are quick and applicable.

Quick Reads is a regular department of Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School. Its aim is to publish single ideas that are too good not to be published, but are not long enough for a full article. Topics range from research, collaboration and “what works” in the classroom.

Learning Disabilities
Conceptual Development
Grades 6-8
Data Representation
Mean / Median / Mode
Lesson Plans