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Early Childhood Corner
Early Childhood Corner: Ladybugs and Lengths: Beginning Measurement

Andrew Tyminski; Monica Weilbacher; Nicole Lenburg; Cindy Brown 

August 2008, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page 34


Ladybugs and Lengths: Beginning Measurement is an article that focuses on a sequence of lessons used to develop kindergarten students' conceptual understanding of measuring length.  In this article, you as a teacher will gain ideas of how to provide students' experiences that develop meaningful understanding of length, units, rulers and measurement.  The intent of Early Childhood Corner is to provide educators with information and ideas relevant to the development of appropriate mathematics for children in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. It addresses the early childhood teachers' need to support young children's emerging mathematics understanding in a context that conforms to current knowledge about the ways young children learn mathematics.

Conceptual Development
Lesson Plans