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Sharing: Cat Games and Cookies Special Education Students Investigate Division

Susan Taber and Michele Canonica 

August 2008, Volume 15, Issue 1, Page 55


Students in a special needs classroom responded to a variety of multiplication and division learning activities and adapted the activities to meet their particular interests and needs. Division is represented as sharing and arrays through child-led activities. Several student examples are included.

more4u-TCM-100x23  Podcast from the 2009 Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.
Sharing Cat Games and Cookies: Students with Learning Disabilities Investigate and Represent Multiplication and Division 
Presenters: Susan B. Taber, Michele Canonica

Grades 3-5
Conceptual Development
Math Coordinator / Coach
Differentiated Instruction
Equity / Diversity / Special Needs
Student Work
Multiplication and Division