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Mountain-Goat Hopscotch

Terry Souhrada and Sandy Powers 

September 2003


On a rocky ledge on a narrow mountain trail, a herd of ten mountain goats travels in a single file, nose to tail. They round a corner and see another herd of ten goats coming toward them. Eventually, the two groups of goats will meet, head to head, on the trail. The trail is too narrow for the goats to turn around. The cliff on either side of the trail is too steep for the goats to climb.The goats will not back up. Each goat can either move forward or hop over only one other goat. In order for a goat to jump over another goat, there must be a spot on the trail for the goat to land. The goats are all determined to get to their destination as a herd. They need your help! How can they make it past the other herd and get on their way?

Grade 9
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Game Theory
Grades 6-8
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