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Do You Want To Be a Millionaire? [Teacher Version]


March 2012

This activity is a reworking of the Student Math Notes (SMN) activity “Are You Interested in Stretching Your Dollars?” from November 2001. A 2010–2011 user survey identified the original activity as one of the most popular SMN activities in the current collection of over seventy activities available at (click “Back Issues”). On the basis of this feedback, the activity was selected for a “face-lift” and now includes suggested solutions, teaching notes, and recommended technology applications. “Do You Want to Be a Millionaire?” addresses the timely topic of financial literacy.

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Do You Want To Be a Millionaire? [Student Version] (PDF)
Stretching Dollars Growth Model (Excel)
Stretching Dollars Tables (Excel)

Problem Solving / Problem Posing
Number Lines
Number Theory