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news&views - May 2013


May 2013, Volume 19, Issue 9, Page 533


This department publishes brief news articles, announcements and guest editorials on current mathematics education issues that stimulate the interest of TCM readers and cause them to think about an issue or consider a specific viewpoint about some aspect of mathematics education.

Views: Prepare for more realistic results
Matthew R. Larson and Steven Leinwand
Student proficiency rates in most states based on CCSSM assessment currently under development are likely to be significantly lower than the proficiency rates now reported to the public based on each state’s own assessments under the No Child Left Behind Act. Educators must begin the process of educating stakeholders of the potential drop in student proficiency rates resulting from the implementation of new assessments in 2014–2015.

Coaches' Corner: Planning and teaching with the Common Core State Standards
Robin Silbey
Lesson plans call for thinking through a variety of details—choosing the right materials, organizing students, constructing group and/or independent student work for in a mixed-ability classroom—but it is also critical for teachers to understand the key math ideas that the lesson addresses and where these ideas fit into students’ overall math learning. CCSS provides that: It is the broad road map that gives context and sequence for specific instructional choices.

Linking Research and Practice
Grades 3-5
High stakes testing
Math Coordinator / Coach