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news & views: A closer look at Mathematical Practice 3: Explain and Justify


September 2013, Volume 20, Issue 2, Page 69


This department publishes brief news articles, announcements and guest editorials on current mathematics education issues that stimulate the interest of TCM readers and cause them to think about an issue or consider a specific viewpoint about some aspect of mathematics education. This month in the Coaches’ Corner, take a closer look at CCSS Standard 3 for Mathematical Practice, Explain and Justify. Coaches may want to demonstrate the integration of math and writing with Speak, Write, Reflect, Revise, a five-step approach for integrating problem solving and the writing process.

A closer look at CCSS Standard 3: Explain and justify
by Robyn Silbey, PD and Campus Consultant 

Writing / Journaling
Math Coordinator / Coach
Math Specialist