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Use of Video Analysis to Support Prospective K-8 Teachers’ Noticing of Equitable Practices

Amy Roth McDuffie, Mary Q. Foote, Corey Drake, Erin Turner, Julia Aguirre, Tonya Gau Bartell, and Catherine Bolson 

March 2014, Volume 2, Issue 2, Page 108

Mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) designed and studied a video analysis activity intended to support prospective teachers (PSTs) in learning to notice equitable instructional practices. PSTs from 4 sites (N = 73) engaged in the activity 4 to 5 times during the semester, using a set of 4 “lenses” to analyze teaching and learning as shown in videos. In an earlier analysis of this activity, the authors found that PSTs increased their depth and expanded their foci in noticing equitable instructional practices (Roth McDuffie et al., 2013). In this analysis, the authors shift the focus to their work as MTEs: They examine their decisions and moves in facilitating the video analysis activity with a focus on equity and discuss implications for other MTEs.

Mathematics Teacher Educator is co-published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators.