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Write for the MTMS Journal

Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School (MTMS) is a resource for middle-level teachers, students, teacher educators, and others with an interest in mathematics teaching and learning in the middle grades. The Editorial Panel of MTMS is seeking high-quality manuscripts for publication.

Classroom Teachers

The Panel encourages classroom teachers, special needs teachers, and others to submit manuscripts that:

  • are of interest to and targeted toward middle-level educators;
  • share innovative activities that engage students in substantive mathematics content;
  • stimulate and describe student mathematical thinking and teacher thinking about the practice and methods of teaching; and/or
  • contribute to the reader’s understanding of mathematics and appropriate middle school pedagogy.

Contributing to a department is a great way for classroom teachers to initially participate in MTMS!

Mathematics Educators

The Panel continues to encourage teacher educators, administrators, mathematicians, mathematics supervisors, and others to submit manuscripts that:

  • recognize and address the particular needs and interests of students at the middle level; and/or
  • recognize and address the particular needs and interests of mathematics teachers at the middle level.

General Information

Potential authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts on a wide range of topics addressing the teaching and learning of mathematics at the middle grades. See the list of current calls and department details to find the best fit for your ideas.

Feature manuscripts should be: 

  • about 2500 words in length, not including figures and references; and
  • submitted to the Reston office via

Author identification should appear on a cover sheet only and not in the text of the manuscript to maintain author anonymity throughout the review process.

Please consider the preparation guidelines before submitting your work.





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