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Write for Teaching Children Mathematics

The Editorial Panel of Teaching Children Mathematics wants to publish your great teaching ideas in TCM. To write for the journal, start with these easy steps:

  • Choose a topic that you know well and feel passionately about.
  • Set goals for the manuscript. What do you want the reader to know and be able to do after reading your article?
  • Write clearly and succinctly. Your article should be easy to read and understand.
  • You may wish to include:

    • research to substantiate the effectiveness of your topic;

    • photographs of children at work; or

    • photographs or other illustrations that clarify your ideas for readers.

When we review your manuscript, we will be scoring it using the following criteria:

  • importance of topic
  • quality of ideas
  • quality of writing
  • contribution to a reader’s professional growth
  • consistency with the mathematics teaching practices as described in Principles to Actions (NCTM, 2014).

Submit a manuscript to Teaching Children Mathematics soon and share your great practices with teachers around the country. The manuscript should not exceed ten double-spaced pages; this page limit does not include tables and figures. Embed figures and photographs in their appropriate place throughout the manuscript. Submit completed manuscripts by accessing Check the submission guidelines before submitting your work .

Your feedback is important! Comments or concerns regarding the content of this page may be sent to Thank you.