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Write for Student Explorations in Mathematics

Do you have an idea for a mathematics activity that could interest mathematics students? Is it within the reach of advanced fifth graders? Can it be extended to challenge sophomores or juniors in high school? Then we are looking for you!

The Editorial Panel of Student Explorations in Mathematics (SEM) is seeking activity ideas to include in future issues. This is an opportunity to share your great teaching ideas with your fellow math teachers. We want rich activities to get into the hands of as many mathematics students as possible. With all the talent and creativity in NCTM's membership, we are certain that more can be done. Be a part of the process.


How to Submit an Activity for Publication:

The Field Editor sends the submission to the Editorial Panel for review. The input is shared with the author: the Panel may choose to reject the submission, return the submission to the author for clarification or revision, or may retain the submission for the Panel to use in the development of the yearly set of activities during their meeting.

Submit a proposed activity to the Staff Liaison (, who will forward it to the Field Editor of the SEM Editorial Panel. Please refer to the Submitter Guide for formatting requirements. 

The Process
If the submission is retained, the panelists review the submission at the summer Panel meeting and recommend publishing in current form, revision, or rejection.

The Panel Chair or Field Editor compiles the panel input and communicates the Panel decision to the author.

If the activity idea is accepted for publication, the panel refines it, puts it in final form. You will not have to do any rewriting; the panel takes your idea and develops it into a publishable activity with acknowledgement that the activity idea came from you.


Important Things to Consider:

Target Audience
Students in grades 5 through 10, teachers, and teacher educators.

The first part of the activity should be accessible to advanced fifth graders. It should progress to challenge middle school students up through tenth or eleventh grade. Look at some recent issues of Student Explorations in Mathematics  to get a better idea of the format.

is intended to interest students in the power and beauty of mathematics and to introduce teachers to some challenging areas of mathematics that are within the reach of their students. Each issue of SEM is designed so that it can be reproduced by the teacher and distributed in its entirety, or in part, to the student audience. Each online issue develops a single mathematical theme or concept in such a way that fifth grade students can understand the first one or two pages and high school students will be challenged by the last page.

If your submission is chosen for publication, the copyright will be assigned to NCTM. You retain the rights, without fees, to the use of your own work in not-for-sale print publications, provided you notify NCTM before doing so and include the standard credit and copyright notification for SEM.  



Your feedback is important! Comments or concerns regarding the content of this page may be sent to Thank you.