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Share Your Ideas through Our Departments!

Departments consist of short, focused articles along a particular theme or in a specific format. Writing for a department is a great way for teachers to see their names is print!

Quick Reads

Short articles (1500 – 1800 words) provide an opportunity to share a single, well-developed idea. Although Quick Reads may cover a wide range of topics and interests, the Editorial Panel is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts that fit in one of the following categories:

  • Another Good Idea  
  • Action Research  
  • Promising Partnerships  
  • Teaching With Technology  

Submissions should be made through

Palette of Problems 

The purpose of the Palette of Problems department is to provide teachers and students with a set of interesting and challenging problems that invite creative problem solving strategies. This department appears in each issue of MTMS, with an attempt to address the focus topic in the Focus Issue. Anyone can contribute problems to Palette of Problems and submissions should be sent directly to the editor, Joel Amidon at  

On My Mind

These editorials (700 – 1300 words) raise a significant issue or advocate a point of view about some aspect of the teaching or learning of mathematics. Anyone may submit material for a blind review. Submissions should be made through

Mathematical Explorations

Readers find classroom-tested explorations that are ready for teachers to use with their middle school mathematics students. Submissions should include - reproducible activity sheets appropriate for middle grade students, a description of the exploration, including goals or objectives. Lessons developed from historical context are of particular interest. Submissions should be made through

Math For Real

On the back page of the journal, a single page activity is available for teachers to use in the classroom. Each activity is a single idea applied in the real world, to answer the question “When am I ever going to use this?”  If you have questions or ideas for this department, please contact MTMS at

Readers Write

This is an opportunity for readers to share opinions, thoughts, or a reaction to anything that they find of interest in the journal. Please send your thoughts to

Informing Practice

Articles in the Informing Practice department provide classroom teachers with lessons learned from research which can be applied to the to the classroom practice. Submissions should be approximately 1500 words and be made through 

Cartoon Corner

Each month, a cartoon and accompanying mathematics questions are provided on an Activity Sheet that teachers can use with students. To suggest cartoons or field-test activity sheets, contact the department editor, David B. Spangler, at

Solve It and Solve It Student Thinking

The Solve It department provides rich questions that invoke thoughtful and innovative student responses.

Try these questions with your students and submit interesting student solutions to Solve It: Student Thinking. This companion department to Solve It provides an insight into the mathematical thinking of middle school students.

Ideas for Solve It problems and student solutions should be sent to the department editor, Sherry Bair at

Windows on Resources

This department contains a review of computer software, books, and products. If you would like to review materials, or have ideas for products that could be reviewed, please contact Beth Skipper at

Your feedback is important! Comments or concerns regarding the content of this page may be sent to Thank you.