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Preparing a JRME Manuscript

As early in the process as possible, see Characteristics of a High Quality Manuscript for recommendations about what makes a strong manuscript.

Manuscript style should conform to the conventions specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed., 2010). This publication is available from the American Psychological Association (, 750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002.

Use as a model the sample paper included in the current APA manual on pages 40-59. Give particular attention to the content and format illustrated on pages 41 and 42 for the cover sheet, abstract, and first sheet of actual manuscript text. Also note the use of a running head on subsequent manuscript pages. If the manuscript is based on dissertation research, a funded research project, or a paper presented at a professional meeting, a footnote on the cover sheet should provide the relevant facts, including the director of the dissertation or the organization sponsoring the project.

  • Manuscript Length

    The maximum length of manuscripts is 11,000 words.  This does not include references, tables, and figures. Longer manuscripts may be reviewed at the discretion of the editor. 
  • Figures and Tables

    Figures and tables must be embedded in the text, not appended to the end of the document. Figures need to be clear and efficiently constructed in order to keep file sizes from exceeding what the system can handle. All figures submitted must be camera ready. Digital files should be 300 dpi.
  • 120-Word Abstract

    The numbered pages of a manuscript submitted as a feature article should begin with an abstract of about 120 words on a separate sheet. Manuscripts submitted as brief reports, critiques, forum articles, and reviews do not require abstracts.

    It is important to craft a 120-word abstract that accurately captures the nature and contribution of your manuscript. This abstract and the manuscript title are the only things potential reviewers see when they are invited to review your paper.
  • Accuracy and Permissions

    Authors must accept sole responsibility for the factual accuracy of their contributions and for obtaining permission to quote lengthy excerpts from copyrighted sources.


What happens next? See Creating Blinded and Unblinded Versions.

Submit through the JRME Online Manuscript Submission and Review System 


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