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Submitting a JRME Manuscript

Submit Files Online 

  • If you do not already have a user account with JRME, you must register prior to attempting to submit your manuscript. Your account will be verified by JRME staff and you will receive a password by email. The creation of an account is not an instantaneous process; please allow a few days for your account to be verified.
  • To submit your prepared files, visit the JRME Online Manuscript Submission and Review System.

Information Required 

  • User ID and password to enter the site
  • Full names of any co-authors
  • Type of submission (selecting one of Research Report, Brief Report, Research Commentary, Critique of Articles, or Special Edition)
  • Number of pages (not counting figures, tables, references, images)
  • Abstract of 120 words or less, which should also be included as the second page of your original (unblinded) manuscript and blinded version

Upload Your Files 

  • Two versions of the manuscript, prepared as separate files
      •  Unblinded manuscript (PDF file)
      •  Blinded version (Word file)
  • Other files, as appropriate
      • Cover letter (optional)
      • Blinded letter of changes (if needed–see related information.)



What happens next? Visit How Manuscripts are Processed.


Submit through the JRME Online Manuscript Submission and Review System 

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