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Research Commentaries

JRME_Logo-240x41Brief commentary on issues pertaining to research;
8–12 manuscript pages in length, generally not to exceed 20 manuscript pages.
Research Commentary Sample 
Editorial on Research Commentary 

The Research Commentary section increases the breadth of topics that may be published in JRME. Topics for this section may include, but are not restricted to:

    • Discussion of connections between research and Principles to Actions
    • Commentaries on research methods
    • Discussions of connections between research, policy, and practice
    • Analyses of trends in policies for funding research
    • Examinations of evaluation studies
    • Critical essays on research publications
    • Exchanges among scholars holding contrasting views about research-related issues

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Correspondence regarding Research Commentaries should be sent to Reseach Commentary Editor, Jo Boaler: 

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Submitting a JRME Manuscript
How Manuscripts are Processed 

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