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Brief Reports


Brief theoretical reports of research, especially appropriate when a fuller report is available elsewhere or when a more comprehensive follow-up study is planned. (see sample)

It should not exceed six manuscript pages. If source materials are needed in order to evaluate a brief report manuscript, a copy should be included. A brief report of a first study on some topic might stress the rationale, hypotheses, and plans for further work.

  • A brief report of a replication or extension of a previously reported study might contrast the results of the two studies, referring to the earlier study for methodological details.
  • A brief report of a monograph or other lengthy nonjournal publication might summarize the key findings and implications or might highlight an unusual observation or methodological approach.

Preparing a JRME Manuscript
Creating Blinded and Unblinded Versions
Submitting a JRME Manuscript
How Manuscripts are Processed 

Submit through the JRME Online Manuscript Submission and Review System 

Correspondence regarding Brief Reports should be sent to:

Cynthia Langrall, JRME Editor Designate
Illinois State University
4520 Mathematics
Normal, IL 61790
(309) 438-2225  

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