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The JRME monograph series is published as a supplement to the journal for manuscripts in the range of about 200 manuscript pages. Each monograph has a single theme related to the learning or teaching of mathematics.

To be considered for publication, a manuscript should be:

•  a single treatise that examines a major research issue,
•  a report of a single research study that is too lengthy to be published as a journal article,
•  a report of a series of coordinated studies, or
•  a synthesis of a large body of research.

(See Examples of Monographs)

How to Submit a Monograph Series Manuscript 

Any person(s) considering the development of a monograph should contact the monograph editor listed below about their proposal idea and the process. 

How Monograph Manuscripts are Processed 

The procedures for proposing, reviewing and developing a monograph are different than typical JRME submissions.  Contact the monograph editor to learn more.

For further information about the monograph series, contact:

Beth Herbel-Eisenmann, Monograph Editor
316 Erickson Hall
Teacher Education
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI  48824 

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