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How Manuscripts are Processed

When a manuscript arrives at the JRME editorial office, the editor checks to see if it falls within the journal's domain of interests and meets the journal's technical and stylistic requirements. If the manuscript is not appropriate for JRME, it is returned to the author without further consideration.

If the manuscript falls within the journal's domain but does not meet its technical or stylistic requirements, the manuscript is returned to the author for revision before processing will continue. The reviewing process is greatly facilitated when manuscripts are submitted in proper form.

If a manuscript is deemed eligible for review and evaluation, the editor sends the author notification that the manuscript has been received and is being processed for review, and requests an evaluation from at least three reviewers (of whom at least one is a member of the JRME Editorial Board). Reviewers are chosen for their scholarship and expertise relative to various aspects of the paper.

When the reviewers' evaluations have been received, the editor notifies the author of the decision

  • to accept the manuscript for JRME publication, often pending some revision by the author or editor;
  • to reconsider the manuscript following substantial revision by the author and further evaluation by reviewers; or
  • to reject the manuscript.

The editor communicates the decision to the author, including suggestions for a revision or an indication of the reasons for a rejection.

The JRME editorial office attempts to process manuscripts expeditiously. The goal is to complete the reviewing process within four months. Occasionally, a longer time is required.

After the manuscript has been accepted for publication, various factors contribute to determining the issue in which it will appear: manuscript backlog, lead time for production (copy editing and printing), manuscript length, and other considerations pertaining to the content and makeup of particular JRME issues. Manuscripts are not necessarily published in the order in which they are received or accepted.

Assignment of copyright for the article to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is required as a condition of publication. After acceptance by JRME, a manuscript may not be published elsewhere, including on the internet, without written permission from NCTM. Each author of a paper published in JRME will receive five complimentary copies of the issue in which the paper appears.

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