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Creating Blinded and Unblinded Versions

Microsoft Word is the recommended text environment. If you use a different means for producing the document, the file must be converted to Word and pdf versions before it can be submitted.

  • Two Versions – Blinded and Unblinded

    You will need to submit two different versions of the manuscript.
    1. A PDF file from an unblinded version of the original manuscript.
    2. A Word document from a blinded version of the original manuscript.

      The purpose of a blinded version of the manuscript is to ensure to every extent possible that nothing in the paper allows the reviewers to identify the author(s).

      How to prepare the blinded version: 
      • Do not include your name or affiliation.
      • If the manuscript is based on your dissertation, do not include the name of your advisor(s) or the degree-granting institution.
      • Remove all references that allow the reader to locate your institution. For example, do not say the data were collected at your institution or school by name.
      • Do not include geographic details that allow the identification of your location. For example, do not name the city in which your institution is located.
      • Do not include the project name (or acronym) or funding information, including the name of the funding agency and the grant number, if the work is part of a larger project or part of a funded project.
      • If you cite your own work, do not include any part of the work in the list of references. In place of citations, use "Author (Date)" or "(Author, Date)," as appropriate. Even if the cited work was coauthored with someone not associated with the manuscript that is being submitted, remove the names of all authors from the citation.
      • An alternative to blinding citations of your authored work is to refer to your work in the third person. The entire reference then should remain in the reference list. You also can use a combination of blinding citations with “Author, Date” and referring to the work in the third person.
        Remove identifying information related to the Word file. To do so, you can check the document properties by following File?Properties and remove the author name or other identifying information from the summary list. In more recent versions of Word, you can check the properties by following the Office button to Prepare and then to Properties. Be sure to remove your name, other people's names, and the names of the institution from the document properties.
      • Remove acknowledgements from the document.
      • Blind personal communications if the person is someone who might be associated with you or coauthors.
      • Check footnotes, figures, and tables to blind any identifying information.
  • Letter of Changes (only necessary if the manuscript is a revision of an earlier submission that received a Reject but Encourage Revision)
    This blinded letter should outline how you addressed the points raised in the Editor's Decision Letter and the reviewers' comments.
  • Cover Letter (optional)

What happens next? Visit Submitting a JRME Manuscript.

Submit through the JRME Online Manuscript Submission and Review System 


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