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Examples of JRME Monographs

A Study of Teaching: Multiple Lenses, Multiple Views, JRME Monograph #14
Table of Contents (PDF)

This volume represents the efforts of a number of scholars to study a brief excerpt of teaching in fine detail. The scholars wrote separate analyses of a single, 6-minute video clip taken from a mathematics lesson being given in a third-grade classroom. Each chapter presents a different analysis of the 6 minute clip followed by commentary on the various approaches that were taken in the reviews.

Everyday and Academic Mathematics in the Classroom, JRME Monograph #11
Table of Contents (PDF)

This volume attempts to clarify what we mean by everyday and academic mathematics, to provide empirical analyses of what happens when we bring particular aspects of everyday practices into classrooms, and to consider how workplace practices relate to school mathematics.

Logo and Geometry, JRME Monograph #10
Table of Contents (PDF)

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the purpose of the LOGO Geometry Project was to develop a research-based grades K–6 geometry curriculum that addressed the deficits of the current curriculum. In addition to introducing the project and its rationale, this monograph details the research, results, and implications of the study.

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