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Quotes, Photos, and Drawings


If quotations are used, copy them exactly. Do not change any words or punctuation. Mark each omission by ellipsis points and put each interpolation in brackets. Indicate the author's italics by underscoring the words. If you want to add italics yourself, add "(italics added)" or "(italics mine)."

The source of every quotation should be given in full. Likewise, credit should be given for photographs and drawings.

Permission must be obtained to quote copyrighted material and to reproduce copyrighted pictures or illustrations. Ordinarily, it is not necessary to obtain permission to quote a passage of less than 100 words from a long prose article or book; but permission is needed for more than a single line of poetry and for more than 25 words of a short prose composition. It is the author's responsibility to obtain the appropriate written permission for the use of any copyrighted material in his or her manuscript.

Photos and Student Work


Photographs and student work are to be submitted electronically along with the manuscript. Should your manuscript be accepted, authors are responsible for obtaining signed releases for students who appear in photos or whose work samples are included. The author must also obtain permission from any photographer whose work is submitted with the manuscript.


Download the Student Photo and Work Release Form  (PDF)

Download the Photographer Release Form  (PDF)


Figures and tables should be numbered and may appear where appropriate in the text. Refer to them by number; “see figure 1”, for example. Please include captions for all figures. Rough drawings of figures are acceptable; the journals have artists who will prepare the art and place it, so statements such as "insert figure 3 about here" are unnecessary. It is important, however, that you make your art intentions clear. For example, if the relationship between two specific parts of a drawing is important, please make a note of that relationship.


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