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TCM Department Guidelines

Articles submitted for TCM departments go to department editors rather than through the blind review process used to evaluate potential feature article submissions. Department Editors work directly with authors in preparing final drafts of the article. Unless otherwise indicated, submit manuscripts by accessing For further information, contact the journal editor:

Teaching Children Mathematics Journal Editor
1906 Association Drive
Reston, VA 20191-9988
(703) 620-9840 ext. 2204 

Share news about happenings in the field of elementary school mathematics education, views on matters pertaining to teaching and learning mathematics in the early childhood or elementary school years, and reactions to previously published opinion pieces or articles.

In My Opinion
Manuscript Length:
No more than 750-1200 words
Submit to:

Submit guest editorials of your strong opinions on current mathematics education issues that stimulate the interest of TCM readers and cause them to think about an issue or con­sider a specific viewpoint about some aspect of mathematics teaching. Authors should be aware that readers are encouraged to submit reactions to these editorials for later consideration in "Readers' Exchange."

Readers' Exchange
No more than 250 words
Submit to:
Mail to the Reston office or email to 

Send your reactions to published articles, notable anecdotes from the classroom, or general com­ments about mathematics education or the journal to the TCM Editorial Panel. If a letter refers to an article, the author of the article is sent a copy and encouraged to send a copy of his or her response to TCM for publication. Letters and rejoinders are edited for style and content.

Math by the Month
Manuscript Length:
Collection of problems totalling no more than 1500-2000 words
Submit to:
Department Editor (See a recent issue for names and addresses.)

Collections of short activities, Math by the Month articles aim for an inquiry or problem-solving orientation, focused on a unifying theme, and include at least four activities each for grade levels K–2, 3–4, and 5–6.

Manuscript Length: 250 words
Submit to:
Post Script items are designed as rich “grab and go” resources that any teacher can quickly incorporate into their classroom repertoire with little effort and maximum impact. Submit your quick game, puzzle, activity or instructional strategy along with suggestions for how this idea can be utilized by teachers of different grade bands (K-1, 2-3, 4-6).

Problem Solvers
Manuscript Length:
1000-2000–word solutions or new problems
Submit to: “Solutions” or “Problem” depart­ment editors. See a recent issue for names and addresses.

Showcase your students' in-depth thinking and work. Each month, elementary teachers are asked to try a given problem in their own classrooms and report solutions, strategies, reflections, and misconcep­tions to the journal audience. Selected teacher submissions will be published in later issues of TCM and acknowledged by name, grade level, and school.

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