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TCM Feature: Supporting Teacher Learning

Do you plan, facilitate, or support preservice or in-service teacher learning? We want to hear about your experiences with—

  • how can we close the gap between what teachers know and what they need to know to teach mathematics effectively in the twenty-first century?
  • how coaches and mentors support teacher learning;
  • effective activities during preservice experiences, including field placement;
  • creative approaches to support induction of new teachers;
  • productive ways to promote deeper understanding of elementary school mathematics topics for teachers;
  • descriptions of a lesson-study cycle;
  • effective use of students’ work to enhance teacher knowledge;
  • approaches to address and support teacher diversity in relation to the diversity of children in their classrooms;
  • innovative professional development to support teachers’ use of assessment; or
  • ways of using technology, such as videotaped case studies for professional development sessions.

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