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headphonesBelow is a collection of JRME articles featured on


NEW! Noticing Children’s Participation: Insights Into Teacher Positionality Toward Equitable Mathematics Pedagogy

NEW! Negative Integer Understanding: Characterizing First Graders’ Mental Models 

NEW! Mathematics Teachers’ Enactment of Cognitively Demanding Tasks: Investigating Links to Teachers’ Knowledge and Conceptions 

NEW! Students’ Mathematical Noticing 
 Quantitative reasoning and the sine function: The case of Zac 

English Learners’ Participation in Mathematical Discussion: Shifting Positionings and Dynamic Identities 

Power in Numbers: Student Participation in Mathematical Discussions in Heterogeneous Spaces 

Research Committee: New Assessments for New Standards: The Potential Transformation of Mathematics Education and Its Research Implications  

Curriculum and Implementation Effects on High School Students’ Mathematics Learning From Curricula Representing Subject-Specific and Integrated Content Organizations  

Exploring Relationships Between Setting Up Complex Tasks and Opportunities to Learn in Concluding Whole-Class Discussions in Middle-Grades Mathematics Instruction 



A special thanks to Samuel Otten, host of and assistant professor of mathematics education at the University of Missouri.


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