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What to Submit

Submissions for publication by NCTM should represent approaches that are new and different from those found in other publications on a similar topic. Materials published by NCTM should broaden the professional development of its members by either explaining tested techniques and ideas or providing frameworks for daily activity in the mathematics classroom. NCTM is also interested in materials that use emerging and current technologies.

The Educational Materials Committee (EMC) of the NCTM is not interested in manuscripts of article length (these should be submitted to one of NCTM's journals), in textbooks, or in materials that have student work pages as their primary focus.

Aspects to consider as you write
When preparing your material or proposal, attention should be given to:

  1. Purpose: What is the intended purpose of this manuscript? What do you expect teachers to do as a result of working with your material?
  2. Audience: Who is the audience? Is this audience consistent throughout the document?
  3. Voice: Are the tone and language used appropriate for the intended audience?
  4. Topic: What is the source of your idea? Have you tried it with students? Did you check the literature?
  5. Appearance: What will your material look like? Consider artwork, photos, and classroom-ready worksheets.
  6. Pedagogy: Is the pedagogy sound and appropriate to the grade level?
  7. Equity: Have you followed NCTM's equity guidelines?

Potential NCTM yearbook authors, click here.

Book editors, editorial panels and other potential authors, continue reading.

Types of Submissions

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